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The New and changed features in PSQL v12

·         Database Defragmentation

·         Unicode Support for Globalization                                                 

·         Installation

·         Rebranding

·         Licensing

·         SDK Access Methods


PSQL v12 is available for Windows and Linux in both 32-bit and 64-bit levels.

Database Defragmentation - PSQL v12 database files can be defragmented without any engine down time. Reads and writes can operate continuously during defragmentation. The Defragmenter GUI will detect data files in use and can analyze fragmentation levels of files, allowing users to focus on the biggest problems first. The online defragmentation feature can be launched from PCC. Check out a summary of this feature in the PSQL v12 What's New. More details are available in the Monitoring Section of the PSQL v12 Advanced Operations Guide.


PSQL Unicode Support - PSQL v12 expands its multilingual support by providing SQL storage for wide-character data. With PSQL v12, the SQL layer provides access to Btrieve data in the form of new relational types NCHAR, NVARCHAR and NLONGVARCHAR. PSQL v12 also includes a new ODBC Unicode Interface driver for applications with wide-character data. Learn more in PSQL v12 What's New and in the Database Globalization Section of the PSQL v12 Advanced Operations Guide.


Installer Update - The PSQL v12 installation package will detect the OS bitness and automatically determine the bitness of the PSQL components that need to be installed. If the OS is 64-bit, PSQL will install 64-bit components and all 32-bit components that have no corresponding 64-bit versions. If the OS is 32-bit, PSQL will install all 32-bit components.


Rebranding - Many display names have been changed from Pervasive to Actian. The display names for services onWindows have been changed, but the underlying service name remains the same. Scripts that manageservices using the display name will require modification, while those that use the service name willcontinue to work as they are. For example, the display name for the Workgroup engine service haschanged to Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine, but the system name for the service remains psqlWGE.Driver names are unchanged.


Enhanced VM Licensing - VM live migration capabilities have now been expanded to PSQL v12 Server and Workgroup editions. This means that a virtual machine with PSQL v12 Server or PSQL v12 Workgroup can be migrated without invalidating the PSQL v12 license. Learn more in the PSQL v12 What's New.


Simplified PSQL Vx Licensing - The PSQL v12 Vx Server edition no longer requires Internet connectivity for operational use, once the product is authorized.


SDK Access Methods - PSQL v12 includes additions or enhancements to the following SDK access methods:


l   JDBC

l   ODBC

l   PDAC